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      LIVE … Right Up Your Street

      LIVE … Right Up Your Street

      This Halloween… RIGHT UP YOUR STREET –?This is a live action piece of game-theatre played by entire streets, with everyone in their own homes, working together to make the story come alive. Residents stay in touch via WhatsApp, exchanging vital information about suspicious activity glimpsed through their windows, or wrongs that they can help put right. No one knows everything and so residents work together, guided by actors to piece together a story, using a system of codes involving flashing lights, twitching curtains and hidden signs. You can answer the doorbell, you can check the letterbox but you cannot leave your house.

      Where??Portrush, NI.?When??31st Oct and 1st Nov.

      Can your street complete the mission? Get in touch now to find out more and register your interest – text your name and street to 07551044402. This is a FREE event.

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      Get in touch with us

      Phone - +44 (0)28 7083 6473
      Email - info@big-telly.com


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