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      Open Call for theatre-makers

      Big Telly Theatre Company, as part of their Creative Shops programme, is inviting proposals from theatre-makers to plan and deliver a playful, durational performance piece in empty shops across NI (outside of Belfast and Derry~Londonderry).

      Whilst we are happy to accept submissions from a collective, a lead individual must be identified as the main contact. Successful artists will be paid for planning and performance at full equity rates.

      About Creative Shops

      Creative Shops animate vacant spaces in towns, and in doing so, engage local people, groups and communities in the performing arts. A Creative Shop invites everybody in, from passers- by and shoppers to school groups and community groups. It gets people participating. It brings theatre to new (and often unsuspecting) audiences. It brings energy to existing creative communities. It animates struggling streets. It strengthens communities and networks. It can help regenerate an area. The current programme runs until 2021.

      The Creative Shops project has been running for eight years, so lots of artists have tried pop up ideas which could work as the basis for longer installations, from science labs to crazy bookshops. Projects that have proved successful as longer installations include Bear Hospital http://www.quauqsystem.com.cn/participation/bear-hospital/ and Worst Café Lite Bites (a version of The Worst Café in the World as a drop-in experience). https://youtu.be/0z0kUZ6VpKU. Please note this is a link to the promo of the full production.

      If you’re interested, please email linda@big-telly.com a short paragraph describing your idea and a CV, before 10th August. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible after that. Thanks for your interest!

      The Creative Shops Programme is supported by the Esmee Fairbairn Trust.

      Sign up

      Right now is such a good time to sign up! ?We have so much happening in these strange days and months, signing up for info is the easiest way to keep everyone informed. We promise you we’ll only ever send you interesting stuff. No spam, no nonsense – just good stuff.? We keep your details super secure. You can check out our ?Privacy Policy? on the site.

      Get in touch with us

      Phone - +44 (0)28 7083 6473
      Email - info@big-telly.com


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