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      This event has been cancelled due to current COVID-19 restrictions but check out Right Up Your Street happening in residential streets throughout Portrush this Halloween http://www.quauqsystem.com.cn/live-right-up-your-street/

      Your cover story is that you are coming to Portrush to visit your aunt who you haven’t seen in a long time. 

      The real story is The UNDEAD have arrived and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rid Portrush of Zombies! 

      The infection status is at an all time high. The infection zone covers Portrush and the surrounding areas. The government have tried to keep it under wraps. They have tried to contain the situation. They have failed. Now it is up to you and your team of warriors to tool up and take charge. Each location has its own missions to complete and characters to meet.

      So what is it exactly?

      Operation Zombie is an interactive game, led by performers, traders and volunteers. You will meet at a secret location (revealed confirmation of your booking) and work your way across Portrush, completing missions and ultimately saving the people who live there and possibly even the world! 

      How does it work?

      This experience is not for the lone warrior. Participants can book in bubbles and arrive in teams of 2-6. You book in advance, in group sizes of up to 3 or up to 6, with each team being given a time slot at ten minute intervals. Each team starts their journey at the allotted time, from the secret location. They then uncover a series of clues which take them on a journey through the town until they complete the mission and kill the zombies. The experience lasts one hour and will be a scare event like no other.  

      When is it and how much does it cost?

      The game takes place on the 31st Oct and the 1st Nov, 2020 running at various times across both days.

      Booking opens Tues 27th Oct at 12 noon.

      This is the ultimate zombie apocalypse game, suitable for families of all ages.

      Small Bubble (up to three members) – £15 per team

      Large Bubble (up to six members – £20 per team

      Anything else I should know?

      Yes!, it’s Halloween, you’re outside  AND there’s a zombie apocalypse, so wear appropriate attire. Shoes, coats, costumes the lot! 

      No prior knowledge of Zombies is required but experience is useful.

      Sign up

      Right now is such a good time to sign up! ?We have so much happening in these strange days and months, signing up for info is the easiest way to keep everyone informed. We promise you we’ll only ever send you interesting stuff. No spam, no nonsense – just good stuff.? We keep your details super secure. You can check out our ?Privacy Policy? on the site.

      Get in touch with us

      Phone - +44 (0)28 7083 6473
      Email - info@big-telly.com


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