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      Inside Stories Tour

      Inside Stories Tour

      Alongside 2018’s Creative Shops programme, we developed ‘Inside Stories’ in Comber. Local people came in and told us all about Comber – the stuff you don’t read in a guidebook. Local characters, ghost stories, sad stories, history, local jokes ..

      With them, our actors devised a series of short performances which then toured the Ards peninsula in our tiny portable theatre (4 seats on wheels!). We pitched up at all the farmers and artisan markets, weekly markets and performed Combers stories.

      Inside Stories surprised and delighted over 600 people on its mini tour – locals and visitors enchanted by small stories in a very small theatre.

      What we love most about Inside Stories is that it took what was real in one small town, things no-one outside knew about, and entertained so many others with a uniqueness of place. A tiny gem of a mini tour which we hope to repeat across Northern Ireland. A yarn, a joke and a ghost story are never in short supply.


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