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      Invisible Theatre

      Invisible Theatre

      Invisible Theatre is all about impact. It is performance where it is least or not expected at all. The element of surprise is key.

      We’ve used it to great effect in schools to address issues like anti social driving, drugs and alcohol misuse, cyber bullying and sexting. Actors go in as a new pupil to the school, and during a seemingly normal assembly a scene gets performed about the issue. This kind of intervention has dramatic effect and focuses young people on the issue. It enables the schools to open up a conversation with students.

      So far, all of our Invisible Theatre projects have been delivered with the PSNI and Police and Community Safety Partnerships. Using a creative intervention helps them get to the heart of often difficult matters quickly and get a strong message across to young people. We have delivered an Invisible Theatre project to multiple schools at the same time – trying to avoid news of the performance spreading across social media. Not easy!

      It takes a lot of co-ordination and secrecy to pull it off successfully. We’ve had some great partnerships to make it happen and some very brave actors going ‘undercover’.

      To date we’ve delivered Operation Carnage about the sometimes fatal consequences of irresponsible driving; Operation Blitzed about the misuse of drugs and Operation Online about the dangers of sending inappropriate images online and cyber bullying. The PSNI fully take part in the performance and bring the seriousness of illegal activity home to students. It’s a powerful method of addressing issues and increasing awareness.

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