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      Operation Elsewhere 2 – 4th May

      Operation Elsewhere 2 – 4th May


      It comes in the wake of the storm that was ‘The Tempest’ online. Definitely hot on the heels and set to make even more of a blast.

      What is it?

      Operation Elsewhere brings alive Irish myth, faeries, hauflins and other worlds together with mysterious quests, intrigue and game mechanics. It culminates in one extraordinary hour of theatrical entertainment, comedy and joy. Delivered with finesse and fearlessness to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or wherever you’re choosing to consume your little screen entertainment these days.

      Watch the trailer here?https://youtu.be/gTuB1DT6XbU

      For bookings / Tickets:?https://www.creationtheatre.co.uk/book-shows/

      Where did it come from?

      With the story originally written by Jane Talbot (The Faerie Thorn) https://janetalbotwriter.com?Operation Elsewhere becomes an exciting (and incidentally, very entertaining) quest for the audience. Once admitted to the journey, they weave their path between strange and wonderful characters who provide the all important spy training. (Blend! Blend!). They offer clues and riddles to be solved to signpost ‘secret agents’ to their next level.

      Theatrical games are not new to us here at Big Telly. We have been toying with this format for a few years now. (I-Spy, A Quirky Tale, Merchant Quest, Operation Sweet Talk, Midummer Night Dream, The Tempest). These have been large scale theatre games played over kilometres, towns, industrial estates.

      Theatre in Lockdown.

      When lockdown happened, we quickly moved our thinking to how this would work online. We knew the mechanics of games would work. Could we transport live theatre with those to create a truly live experience, shared by an audience who were essentially, isolated? Turns out, we could. We brought the idea to Creation Theatre in Oxford, and Zoe began directing online Zoom rehearsals for The Tempest. On Easter weekend, the six shows sold out and people from all over the world joined in to experience Shakespeare, create foley sound effects, cheer, clap and shed a tear..

      Visit Other Worlds.

      Operation Elsewhere is next. A virtual visit to Ireland 2nd – 4th May is just what is needed, to save the world as we know it – for a tear has opened up between our world and the ‘other’. The ‘stitchers’ cannot close the rip and changelings are amongst us – and nothing is what it seems. You need to act quickly. Gather your team, transport yourself Elsewhere .. and await your instructions.

      We are making theatre more than ever to connect people and bring people together. We are TogetherApart. #stayathome

      Operation Elsewhere will be live from 2 – 4th May at 3pm and 7pm daily.

      Audience numbers are limited per show, so book now to avoid disappointment.





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