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      Spring Chickens

      Spring Chickens

      Big Telly boke new ground with its innovative theatre work with older people. Spring Chickens was a innovative approach in putting older people centre of their own creative activity.

      The project worked with over 4,000 older people in 33 geographical locations throughout N. Ireland helping to increase the creative expression and engagement within our older communities and challenge perceptions about their creative and productive potential.? The project combined a variety of creative and theatre based skills which helped older people to have fun, build confidence, combat isolation, raise awareness and establish active roles for them within their own communities through workshops (older people and intergenerational), performance programmes? and? coaching and mentoring programmes.

      No ‘reminiscence’ on our watch! Spring Chickens looked positively forward.

      Within the six year life of the project, it produced an astounding number and variety of work, including:

      Strengthening Voices Project

      Confidence building and skill development taster workshops for older people.

      Golden Gangs Intergenerational Project

      Older people who are keen to make a contribution to the lives of our younger people are coached to share their expert knowledge of their hobby/work/life experiences as workshop leaders in primary schools.

      ?Cultural Envoys Intergenerational Project

      Young people 16+ learn to communicate with immobile older people in residential/care homes.

      ?Spring Chickens Shows 2012 – The Web of Intrigue

      Written, designed and performed by older people, and supported by their own creative team, in twenty areas across Northern Ireland.

      ?Spring Chickens Professional Theatre Tour

      A professional Big Telly touring production to residential and care homes, assisted living and sheltered accommodation, community and theatre venues, involving post show discussions and outreach work.

      Spring Chickens in Full Flight!

      Big Telly’s Spring Chickens supports International Older People’s Day, 1st October 2012 by showcasing their work throughout Northern Ireland.

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