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      The Dining Car

      The Dining Car


      As part of our European Year of Cultural Heritage programme with Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, we devised a special performance located in the Whitehead railway Museum?https://www.facebook.com/WhiteheadRailwayMuseum/?

      When we spotted the fantastic old carriages housed in the museum, we knew exactly where this one was going to be set. It was site responsive at first sight!

      ‘The Dining Car’ had a short performance for Tourism NI’s 2019 ‘Meet the Buyer’ event in April?https://tourismni.com/tnievents/meet-the-buyer-2019/

      Tour promoters from all over Ireland were the audience for a ‘menu of local stories’ from which they selected as they sat in the beautifully preserved dining car at the museum. A real slice of history. Actors Colette Lennon and Gary Crossan delivered great performances, which the audience absolutely loved.

      Portia Woods from https://www.toastthecoastni.com/?said ‘the tour operators loved the performance on Saturday, it was a real surprise and the actors were outstanding. I personally thought it was fantastic!’

      We have more shows under development for the ‘Shaped by Industry. Shared with Pride’ programme – in Carrickfergus ( 31 May, 1 & 2 June) and we return to Whitehead for a full length performance from that beautiful old dining car 24 & 25 May 19.

      Keep an eye on the EventBrite page to book the upcoming shows.



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