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      Freak Show

      Freak Show


      Watch the Freak Show trailer here..? ? ? ??https://youtu.be/U9IHfo2DHkk

      Freak Show is a new production for tour which premiered at the Belfast International Arts Festival in October 2018.

      The piece is inspired by the true story of a 17th century giantess called Mary Murphy. Mary, it was said, danced at court for William of Orange before finding fame and fortune in the travelling freak shows in Europe.

      But like so many victims of celebrity culture, Mary’s star eventually burned out and she ended her days alone and destitute.

      Freak Show is an irreverent blast of original theatre, a cocktail of comedy, anarchic half mask impro and dark edges that rips apart the meaning of fame and celebrity. As poignant and disturbing now as it was in Mary’s day.

      Written by Zoe Seaton and Nicky Harley, the script uses Moyra Donaldson’s incredible ‘Miracle Fruit’. Her taut and insightful poetry sits easily in this darkly absurd roadshow of revenge.

      The cast, Nicky Harley and Keith Singleton explain more here..? ? ?https://youtu.be/Jt4VV5dLsN4

      Tour dates – March

      Coleraine, Riverside 8th/9th

      Theatre Royal Waterford 12th

      Armagh, Marketplace Theatre 14th

      Portaferry, Portico of Ards 15th

      Belfast, Strand Arts Centre 16th

      Newry, Sean Hollywood AC 20th

      Mullingar Arts Centre 21st

      Monaghan, The Garage 22nd

      Dundalk, An Tain 23rd

      Newtownabbey, Theatre at the Mill 27th

      Derry, The Playhouse 29th

      Omagh, The Strule Arts Centre 30th


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